Cooking and Math – How Baking Cookies With Your Kids Can Be Educational and Fun

One of the biggest complaints about school, especially as children get older, has to do with relevancy. Learning always means more if you can relate a lesson to something that children love to do. So begin your Baking Cookies Lesson by taking a “field” trip to the grocery store for the ingredients you will need.

Now parents, do not cheat. Box or bag mixes don’t count. Let your child play mad scientist by mixing up the contents one by one. Review the list of ingredients with your child before going to the store. Have him or her move through the kitchen and see if they can pick out all the ingredients and place them on the table. Is there anything missing? Let them make the list and practice their writing or printing skills.

Is there enough of everything to make the amount of cookies in the recipe? Now comes the fun. You can have a small lesson in measurements. They can see that half a cup is smaller than a cup. Can they guess how many cups of flour are in your container or in a flour bag? If your child is older, you can take this opportunity to show him a little division. For example, a five-pound bag of flour contains 80 ounces (16 ounces per pound). But a cup only has 8 ounces in it. So how many cups are in a five-pound bag? There are 10 cups or eighty ounces divided by 8 ounces per cup.

If the child isn’t old enough, you might be able to use a visual by asking if he or she thinks there are at least 2 cups in the bag. You could also challenge them by suggesting making a larger batch and freezing part of the dough. If you double (multiply by 2) the recipe, how much of each ingredient would you need? In this way you can allow them to see the importance of mathematics.

Once you are at the grocery store there are unlimited ways to use math. Figuring out proportions is one of the most important mathematical lessons that will serve your children throughout their lives. Is it cheaper per ounce to buy a two-pound bag of chocolate chips or two bags containing just one pound each? (Don’t use flour as an example, since children are much more interested in getting the most chocolate for their money.)

Show them how to convert different measurements to something they have in common. In this example, take the price of a two-pound bag of chocolate chips and divide it by two. What is the cost per pound? How does that compare to the cost of the one-pound bag? For younger children not yet doing multiplication or division, you can buy two different sizes and weigh them using a scale. Remind them of the different prices and then let them “discover” which price gave them more for their money.

Many stores do the comparison math for you, so all you have to do is look at the price per pound. However, you might notice that some prices are by the ounce and some are by the pound. Does your child know how to convert to a common measurement? Since there are 16 ounces in a pound, divide cost per pound by 16 and then compare the prices now that both are measured in ounces. Not only will this make mathematics more relevant, but your child may also get excited about getting the best deal for your money. That kind of knowledge is priceless when it comes to figuring out the costs of college, clothes, books, etc. and conveys to your child the true value of money and how to spend it wisely.

Once the cookies are baked, try to figure out the cost of each cookie based on the cost of each ingredient in the dough. Next time you’re at the grocery store, take a look at that container of raw dough or those packaged cookies and do a price comparison of your own. So, is it worth baking those cookies from scratch? Compare that cost or savings to the time spent with your child.

Free and Fun Online Physics Games

We all know free online games can be very addictive. Starting from “Trap the cat” to “Solitaire” such games consume 30% of each working day, bringing down the productivity of the masses, considerably. But, these games also act as great stress busters. Nowadays, such free online games are used widely to teach subjects like mathematics and physics.

Physics games are becoming quite popular among the middle school students. Though there are several such educational games available online most of them are similar. Here are a few tips to improve them to make them more educative.

1. Games which explain gravity, equilibrium and other such concepts start with very simple steps and switch over to complex levels immediately. It would be better if the background comes embedded with important definitions in picture or in sound. The complex levels should contain simple hints on how to solve them.

2. Construction games are a great way to learn about mechanics, electronics and various other concepts. These physics games should be modified to explain, weight, velocity, energy, shape of the objects used and the technology of wiring etc. These explanations can be shown in simple flash cards. This will make the students understand the concept in a better way.

3. Instead of adding bizarre music at the background, definitions sung in the latest hit song’s tune will help students memorize important points easily. It is the best way to make kids learn tables and high school students learn lengthy definitions.

4. When it comes to mathematics, complex algebra concepts can be thought using simple puzzle games. The free online games should make use of multiple choice answers.

5. Complex theorems can be explained through games similar to Mario. The hero can be made to travel in the path of the theorem or a geometrical concept. The students can be made to build castles and houses along the geometrical construction figures.

6. When it comes to trigonometry, students hate to remember various place values. Simple free online games which let out the value of various trigonometric signs when an object is hit or shot will help the students memorize these values effortlessly.

7. Physics games with pictures of scientists who invented various concepts dressed like the latest stars will lure kids into learning physics. Instead of explaining about Einstein and his theory of relativity in a monotonous manner, the games can show various interesting scenes from Hollywood sci-fi movies and make the kids point out the physics games concept related to it.

If you are a gamer building such educative games, implement these ideas to create some really mesmerizing and useful educational games. The student community will stay indebted to you for a long time and make you rich quite soon.

Interactive and Fun Way to Learn Mathematics

In the internet age the mobility has been crippled. Many fitness centers have taken the fitness and learning to a whole new level by creating and designing courses to cater to all needs. Children learning at home or school can study, as well as move actively with the help of maths learning DVDs. These DVDs cater for many aspects of Maths from basic counting to more complex Times Tables. The maths learning DVDs educate children in an interesting way such that mathematics is combined with fun moves and activities. Learning mathematics is made interesting and easy to understand.

It has been proven that graphics and videos draw the attention of the viewer. The content that is displayed shall be easily etched into memory forever. There are many learning materials that use this technique to make the learning process a fun experience. An innovative method introduced by the fitness groups has made learning maths enjoyable. It combines learning maths with fun moves and make learning less stressful. The DVDs come with the combination of mathematics, fitness and fun. These DVDs help the children to learn mathematics in a fun way, so that learning mathematics is not tough and hard anymore. The interactive math time tables DVD makes time tables a positive learning experience. The times tables games for kids is easier for kids who find it difficult to concentrate and study the timetable which is an important multiplication and division basic. The active movements and fun way of learning depicted in the multiplication DVD for children makes them to easily grasp multiplication fundamentals.

Nowadays active and fun way of educating the children is advocated, so that the fundamentals of the subjects can be inculcated in their minds without much strain. Conservative methods of learning are monotonous and most of the times children may not find it easier to understand. The children DVD also has course on basic counting. The DVDs have interactive games and moves to make the counting fun, and make learning subtraction easy. Apart from this, you can have the DVDs for primary and secondary schools. Moreover, these companies also design such DVDs for parents and schools. Children at schools and homes find it energetic and enthusiastic to learn mathematics with the help of this learning DVD.

There are DVDs specially designed to provide fitness programs for children. At the same time, adults can get benefit of fitness programs on aerobic, dance, fitness and toning. The fitness experts have developed MOVband to monitor the full body movement as compared to pedometer that monitors only lower body movement. It produces our movement results in the form of values. MOV bands actually counts the walk, jogs, dance, running and playing movements. Fitness combined with interactive games and fun learning methods makes mathematics a favorite subject among the children.